• 18 Dec (Sun) Superkid's Storytelling Workshop

18 Dec (Sun) Superkid's Storytelling Workshop




Superkid's Storytelling Workshop

*首五位報名之參加者可獲得Green Common $220現金券乙張 First five participants will receive $220 to use in store. 
透過故事讓小朋友得到啟發,讓他們成為保護地球小戰隊成員之一!兒童說書人及兒童成長輔導師Herelle Yen 為各位小朋友帶來故事遊樂工作坊,小朋友都可以擁有大力量,一齊來保護地球!  
Inspire through stories and empower your kids! Join us on a superkids event where children's book author and counsellor, Herelle Yen, will lead a storytelling workshop with mindful kid's games. 

Herelle is a Life Designer, 13-year vegetarian, children counsellor, children's book author, and facilitator of Designing Your Life Course and Alpha Course Hong Kong. She enjoys and believes that sharing the art of conscious eating is part of her life design and is ultimately a way of life that will transform how we look at life and how we live our lives.

年齡對象 Age: 4 - 10
日期 Date: Sunday, 18th December
時間 Time: 11:45am - 12:30pm
地點 VenueGreen Common, 尖沙咀海港城海運大廈地下OT G61號舖
Green Common, Shop OT G61, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City
Instructor: Herelle Yen (Children's Counsellor and Children's Book Author)
費用 Ticket price:每位小朋友 $220 per child 
*首五位報名之參加者可獲得Green Common $220現金券乙張 First five participants will receive $220 to use in store. 
Normal ticket:
  • 購買Common Good冷壓果汁$3現金優惠
  • 在Green Common購物滿$288可減$40優惠
  • 於置地及海港城餐廳消費$138或以上,可免費換領是日餐湯各乙張
Ticket includes 1 x $50 cash redemption and 3 x vouchers offers to use at Green Common stores. Three vouchers include:
  • $3 off Common Good Cold Pressed Juices
  • Spend $288 and get $40 off 
  • Spent $138 on our deli items and get a free soup

Terms and Conditions

    1. Fees paid are not refundable.
    2. Green Common is entitled to change the active / duration, contents and tutor.
    3. Green Common has the right to choose or change the active / course material without notice.
    4. If there is insufficient enrolment courses or for any special circumstances, Green Common is entitled to cancel the event before commencement. Participants will be notified individually, and will receive a full refund of fees.
    5. During the event / class, only kids and respective parents and staff are permitted to enter.
    6. In the event of a typhoon (typhoon signal or above) or black rainstorm day activities / programs will be postponed or make alternative arrangements. Under normal circumstances, a typhoon or black rainstorm signal is lowered after four hours, event commences as usual but are subject to time-dependent signal is lowered.
    7. (If applicable) for those enrolled in the Green Common event or workshops are required to show their electronic ticket if necessary to redeem the cash coupon and pay upon cashier desk. 
        • Participants or participants must show a notice on the electronic coding for cash rebate.
        • A cash rebate coupon will be exchanged for each completed Green Common event.
        • Cash rebate coupon must be used on the same day as event.
        • One cash rebate coupon may only be redeemed per participant.
        • Cash rebate coupons may not be transferred to others.
        • Cash rebate coupon can not be combined with other discounts and promotions.
        • Cash rebate coupon can not be redeemed for cash, such as insufficient purchase amount, or credit to be used in future. 
        • Should you lose your electronic notice, the Company shall not be responsible for, and will not reissue a cash rebate coupon.

          8. In case of any dispute, Common Good Trading Limited reserves the right of final decision.

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