• 11/3 (Sat) Dinning Workshop

11/3 (Sat) Dinning Workshop

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經常周遊列國的專業廚藝導師 Elaine 會運用在名古屋所學,教授大家準備純素三餸一湯,還配上五目炊飯。



餸:胡麻四季豆 / 柚子七味蓮藕片 / 燒汁蔬菜蛋餅



日期 Date:11/3/2017 (Sat)

時間 Time:7:00 – 9:00 pm

地點 Venue:Green Common – Central


      Shop 1, 1/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road C, Central

Kind Chef:Elaine Lee (E-Kitchen// Blogger)

語言 Language:粵語 Cantonese

費用 Fee:體驗價每位$180




  1. 已繳費用,概不退還。
  2. Green Common有權更改活動/課程時間、內容及導師。
  3. Green Common有權選擇或更改活動/課程材料而不作通知。
  4. 若課程報名人數不足或特殊情況,Green Common 有權於活動/開課前取消課程,學員將獲個別通知,並可獲退回全費或安排轉堂。
  5. 活動/上課期間,課室只限學員及工作人員進入。
  6. 遇上颱風(八號風球或以上)或黑色暴雨,當日活動/課程將順延或另作安排。一般情況下,颱風或黑色暴雨信號除下四小時後,當日課程照常,但需視乎信號除下時間而定。
  7. (如適用) 凡報讀Green Common 之講座或Kind Kitchen烹飪工作坊,只需出示電子通知書並呈予收銀處,於即日以正價購買Green Common 產品,即可獲現金劵回贈。
    • 參加者或學員需出示電子通知書上的編碼以換取現金回贈。
    • 每完成一講座或Kind Kitchen烹飪工作坊,將可換取現金劵回贈。
    • 現金劵回贈須於活動當日使用。
    • 每一張電子通知書只可換取現金劵回贈一次。
    • 現金劵回贈不得轉讓他人。
    • 現金劵回贈不能與其他折扣及優惠同時使用。
    • 現金劵回贈不得兌換現金。如購買金額不足,不設找續。
    • 若遺失電子通知書,本公司概不負責,亦不會補發現金劵回贈。

8. 如有任何爭議,Common Good Trading Limited 保留最終決定權。

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees paid are not refundable.
  2. Green Common is entitled to change the active / duration, contents and tutor.
  3. Green Common has the right to choose or change the active / course material without notice.
  4. If there is insufficient enrolment courses or for any special circumstances, Green Common is entitled to cancel the event before commencement. Participants will be notified individually, and will receive a full refund of fees.
  5. During the event / class, only kids and respective parents and staff are permitted to enter.
  6. In the event of a typhoon (typhoon signal or above) or black rainstorm day activities / programs will be postponed or make alternative arrangements.Under normal circumstances, a typhoon or black rainstorm signal is lowered after four hours, event commences as usual but are subject to time-dependent signal is lowered.
  7. (If applicable) for those enrolled in the Green Common event or workshops are required to show their electronic ticket if necessary to redeem the cash coupon and pay upon cashier desk. 
      • Participants or participants must show a notice on the electronic coding for cash rebate.
      • A cash rebate coupon will be exchanged for each completed Green Common event.
      • Cash rebate coupon must be used on the same day as event.
      • One cash rebate coupon may only be redeemed per participant.
      • Cash rebate coupons may not be transferred to others.
      • Cash rebate coupon can not be combined with other discounts and promotions.
      • Cash rebate coupon can not be redeemed for cash, such as insufficient purchase amount, or credit to be used in future. 
      • Should you lose your electronic notice, the Company shall not be responsible for, and will not reissue a cash rebate coupon.
  1. In case of any dispute, Common Good Trading Limited reserves the right of final decision.

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